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Finest Priorium - Marie


  • World’s first coin of the innovative gold alloy Priorium®

  • Consisting of the five rarest precious metals

  • More valuable than pure gold


  975839 Priorium PB

Minting houses and precious metal companies have been working for years on processes, minting techniques and finishing possibilities to make gold coins even more attractive as an investment and collector's item. The brand new, first result of this development work bears the name Priorium (lat. prior = excellent). It has a gold fineness of 916.7 - just like the classic investment gold coins Krugerrand and American Eagle. In contrast to these, the other 83.3 parts consist of the precious and rare precious metals iridium, palladium, rhodium and platinum.
In honour of its 125th anniversary the most famous classic Swiss coin motif, the Vreneli, was newly interpreted and carefully developed resulting in this novel motif "Marie".

Item Number 975839

Solomon Islands


25 Dollars

Year 2020
Quality Prooflike


Pureness 916,7
Weight 1/4 oz
Diameter 22 mm
Mintage 1,000

Gold, Iridium, Palladium, Rhodium, Platinum

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