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Masterpieces - Nefertiti


  • 200 g 999 fine silver + 10 g 9999 finest gold!

  • 2 coins in 1!

  • 21 real gemstones, polished by hand!


  Masterpiece Nofretete

The third issue of the “Masterpieces” premium edition is dedicated to Nefertiti on the 110th anniversary of the discovery of her world-famous bust. The centerpiece of the “Masterpieces” 2022 edition is Nefertiti’s “cap crown”.

The silhouette minting in 10 grams of solid 9999 gold achieves a striking impact thanks to the Authentic Colour Application. The costly crown is embedded in a second 200 gram coin made of solid 999 silver with an application of finest 9999 gold and rare black rhodium.

All 21 gemstones were polished by hand

Item Number 1091681

Solomon Islands


40 + 16 Dollars

Year 2022
Quality Prooflike

Silver / Gold

Pureness 999 / 9999
Weight 200g / 10g
Diameter 98 x 62 mm
Mintage 700
Special Gold Application | Diamond Dust, Black Rhodium | Black Ruthenium Application | Partial Colouring 21 real gemstones

Masterpieces - Goddess Isis


  • With 41 real gemstones!

  • 10g 9999 finest gold insert!

  • 2 in 1 coin with black rhodium and ruthenium finish and selective colouring!


 Produktblatt Masterpieces Isis 1

Back in 2019, one of the most stunning coin issues made waves at collectors world-wide:
the first issue of a new series called “Masterpieces” paid tribute to the Egyptian pharaoh Cleopatra.
Now we proudly present you the second issue of this series, dedicated to the Egyptian goddess Isis.
This Masterpiece combines a 200 g 999 silver bar with a removable 10 g 9999 finest gold inlay and is graced by not less than 41 genuine gemstones,
with a red chalcedony as the main attraction. All gemstones are hand-sanded and parts of the coin are gilded with finest 9999 gold,
whereas her wings are ennobled with black rhodium, the most valuable precious metal in the world.

Item Number 984296

Solomon Islands

Denomination 56 Dollars (40 Dollars + 16 Dollars)
Year 2020
Quality Prooflike
Material Gold; Silver
Pureness 9999; 999
Weight 10g; 200g
Diameter 98 x 62 mm
Mintage 700
Special Black rhodium and ruthenium plating, selected colouring, 41 genuine gemstones

Masterpieces - Cleopatra


  • Fist issue of the new "Masterpieces" series

  • Biggest silver coin with gold inlay

  • 29 genuine, hand cut gemstones

  • Extraordinary minting obvese and reverse

  • 3 different finishes


 MP Cleopatra Produktblatt

This is really unique: 2 coins in 1 – a 200 gram silver coin with a 12 gram gold coin. Both coins are beautifully enhanced with black rhodium plating,
selected colouring and gemstone inserts like lapis lazuli, malachite, carnelian and turquoise. A scarab made of lapis lazuli is placed in the middle of the
gold coin. Not only will it be the biggest 2 in 1 coin ever created but also the most beautiful issue in 2019. Cleopatra is supposed to be the most
beautiful woman in history and for sure this coin is on par with her.


Item Number 954623

Solomon Islands

Denomination 66 Dollars (50 Dollars + 16 Dollars)
Year 2019
Quality Proof
Material Gold; Silver
Pureness 9999; 999
Weight 12g; 200g 
Diameter 27.7 x 30.3 mm / 62 x 98 mm
Mintage 700
Special Black rhodium plating, selected colouring, 29 genuine gemstones
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