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Seymchan Meteorite


  • 1 oz. pure meteorite!

  • Limited to only 826 pieces!

  • Topped with Chromonite Colour application!

An extraordinary coin issue has now been produced from a fragment of the Seymchan meteorite,which is a fascinating witness to the origins of our solar system 4.56 billion years ago. The meteorite iron remained unchanged so it may demonstrate inclusions, corrosionand fine cracks. The mintage is restricted by the rarity of the material. It was only possible to mint 826 coins, making each coin a collector’s item that is as rare as it is fascinating.

Meteoritenmuenze 2021 Seymchan 2


Item Number 1039590
Country Niue Islands
Nominal 1 Dollar
Year 2021
Quality Uncirculated
Material 999 iron-nickel meteorite
Weight 31,1 - 33,6 g
Diameter 42 mm
Mintage 826
Packaging High quality presentation packaging
Special Chromonite Colour Application | edgeless | Certificate of Authenticity







Campo del Cielo Meteorite


  • Made out of 999 genuine meteorite

  • Extremely low mintage

  • Chromonite Colour Application

Campo del cielo PB
“Campo del Cielo” (meaning “Field of Heaven”) is a field in Argentina which is widely known for its massive craters, caused by the impact of numerous iron meteorites. With an area of 55,5 km2, it is the largest crater field in the world. Scientists assume it to be between 4000-5000 years old. In order to preserve its authenticity, the iron was not melted down, instead, the blanks were cut from the intact fragment.
The Campo del Cielo meteorite is classified as a nickel-iron meteorite. Its age is estimated atroughly 4.5 billion years. Apart from iron and nickel the Campo del Cielo meteorite also contains the metals niobium, cobalt and zirconium. The Campo del Cielo meteorite is highly interesting for scientists because its composition holds important insights into the formation of the solar system.
Item Number 989851

Niue Islands


1 Dollar

Year 2020
Quality UNC.


Pureness 999 
Weight 1oz 
Diameter 42 mm
Max.Mintage 892

Chromonite Colour Application | edgeless | Certificate of Authenticity


Muonionalusta Meteorite


  • First Coin Fully Made of Meteorite

  • Very Low Mintage of Only 693 pcs

  • Individual Structure on Each Coin

The Muonionalusta is an iron meteorite which impacted in nothern Scandinavia, west of the border between Sweden and Finalnd, about one million years BCE.
The first fragment was found in 1906. Around forty pieces are known today, some being quite large.
Other fragments have been found in a 25-by-15-kilometre (15.5 mi x 9.3 mi) area in approximately 140 kilometers (87 mi) north of the Arctic Circle.

Meteorite Coin


Country Niue Islands
Nominal 1 Dollar
Year 2016
Quality Proof
Material Original Meteorite
Weight 31,1 - 33,6 g
Diameter 42 mm
Mintage 693
Packaging High quality presentation packaging and Certificate
Special Material Iron Meteorite







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