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Black Premium Edition - Precious Nature


Giant Panda 


  • A special gift for every occasion

  • First Time in History of Coins – White Rhodium

  • Complete Coin Plated with Black Palladium

  • Very Low Mintage Only 888 Pieces Worldwide


The treasure of nature can only be realized in the harmony of flora and fauna.
This stunning masterpiece in modern minting technology shows two pandas in their natural environment.
Its home is in south central China and today there are only close to 2000 pandas living in the wild.
This is a five ounce pure silver coin plated with black palladium in the minting quality Proof-Like, partly polished and as a special feature in addition ennobled with white rhodium.

 BPC Precious Nature The Giant Panda 

Item Number 895638  
Country Republic of Benin  
Denomination 5,000 Francs CFA  
Year 2017  
Quality Proof-Like  
Material Silver  
Pureness .999  
Weight 5 oz  
Diameter 65 mm  
Mintage 888  
Packaging Luxury Box and Certificate  
Special First time in history of coins- white rhodium complete coin plated with black palladium  



  • Only Series wich combines black Palladium and white Rhodium

  • Mintage only 750 pieces worldwide

  • Very fine detailed Minting


This coins features in an exciting way one of the few survivors of prehistoric time – The Crocodile.
Plated with extraordinary white Rhodium and valuable black Palladium this 5 ounce silver coin issue will fascinate everyone on the first sight.
As a part within the Black Premium Edition series it adds another fascinating and primary Precious Nature animal to it.

 croc pb 

Item Number 933854
Country Republic of Benin
Denomination 5,000 Francs CFA
Year 2018
Quality BU
Material Silver
Pureness .999
Weight 5 oz
Diameter 65 mm
Mintage 750
Special Black Palladium and white Rhodium Finish

Sea Turtle


  • First Black Premium 1 Kilo Edition

  • Brilliant finished Coin

  • Silver with black Palladium and white Rhodium


A Sea Turtle plated with rare and precious white Rhodium roaming the black Palladium plated Deep Sea.
Together with the impressive size and weight of this issue – what else can be more exciting?
Such elaborate 1 Kilo collector’s issues become more and more popular.
Because of their value as a rare piece of art together with the enormous precious metal content and the very low mintage they guarantee these days always a sellout.

 Bpc turtle 

Item Number 937120
Country Benin
Denomination 10,000 Francs CFA
Year 2018
Quality Proof-like
Material Silver
Pureness .999
Weight 1 kg
Diameter 100 mm
Mintage 150
Special Black Palladium and white Rhodium finish
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