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Pictures and Videos

We can provide high resolution pictures for all of our products. In addition we are able to supply modern high quality videos to some of our premium products. These videos are on the cutting edge of technology and very suitable for promoting the coins on the internet.


All our products will be delivered with the whole packaging. In addition to the coin mostly accessories like capsule, box and other special items are part of the product. We are also able to develop special packaging in accordance with the wishes of our customers.

Subscription Programs

We have many years of experience with subscription programs. This experiences we can give to our customers. If you are interested in creating new subscription programs please contact us. We are able to work out ideas which may fit your desires.

Custom Minting

At the present time the demands of collectors are more complex. Together with our customers we can develop individual programs and individual packagings adjusted to the markets and the customer groups. We are leading in production of innovative and complex products to create something special for the collectors.

Promotional Materials

The development of modern and successful advertising tools has become more difficult nowadays. We offer our customers the possibility to create promotional materials for the products purchased from us. This advertising material is always up to date and may be tuned to the personal preferences of our customers markets.

Creation of High-End Videos

You have your own products that you want to present in high-quality videos? We have the opportunity to produce excellent product videos in high-end quality. Your wishes and ideas can flow directly into these videos. The "Moving picture" is the newest and most forward-looking form of advertising and is becoming more and more important in the coming years.


Mandala 1kg 2021 Produktblatt 1


Mandala Collection - Elephant 1 kilo silver

- First time Mandala ornaments on a kilo coin!

- Graced with a genuine Swarovski crystal! 

- Antique finish with selective colour application!

1018230 1000Cedis Ghana Mandala Elefant 2021 Box geschlossen links

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