Leading Numismatic Publication “Coin World” recognizes AllCollect as one of the “100 Most Influential Companies” in the global coin industry

The renowned US numismatic publication “Coin World” has named the German coin trading company AllCollect as one of the “100 Most Influential Companies” in the worldwide coin industry. AllCollect is mentioned alongside prestigious mints and distributors such as the Perth Mint from Australia, the Royal Canadian Mint, and the United States Mint. Other esteemed companies like MKS-PAMP also feature among the 100 most influential enterprises in the coin world. This accolade highlights AllCollect’s outstanding position in the international market and its significant role in the field of numismatics.

Founded in 2005 as the international division of a major coin mail-order company, AllCollect has grown into a globally active coin wholesaler, according to the article in “Coin World”. The company markets and sells exclusive products on the international stage, being named as a leading player in the coin trade by “Coin World“.

In Europe, AllCollect is the number one in TV home shopping and ranks among the top distributors for coins and collectibles, as “Coin World” magazine reports in a special edition. The company serves as a reliable partner for mail-order companies, retail chains, and television networks in the German and international home shopping sector. As „Coin World“ explains, all products offered are exclusively available through AllCollect, with a core competency in the distribution of innovative, high-quality products. “We support our customers with existing coin subscriptions and help develop new successful concepts,” emphasizes Mathias Schmitt, CEO of AllCollect.

With years of experience in the coin business, AllCollect has forged strong relationships with numerous issuing countries. According to the “Coin World” report, this enables the company to secure sought-after coin programs with low mintages and guarantee exclusive distribution rights for various markets. Additionally, AllCollect collaborates with clients to create customized products and individualized packaging. “We help turn your ideas into coins and guarantee exclusive distribution in different countries,” Schmitt adds. “Coin World”  notes that AllCollect is present at all major coin fairs, including the World Money Fair in Berlin, the ANA World’s Fair of Money in the USA, BICE in Beijing.

The company’s commitment also extends to customer satisfaction services, such as high-resolution images and high-quality videos. “These videos are technologically up-to-date and are ideal for promoting coins on the internet,” states the company website. Great emphasis is placed on impactful videos to meet consumer habits. “We have the capability to produce excellent product videos of the highest quality. Your wishes and ideas can be directly incorporated into these videos. ‘Moving images’ are the latest and most innovative form of advertising and will become increasingly important in the coming years.”

Focusing on customer satisfaction, AllCollect also strives to provide high-quality advertising and promotional materials to boost sales. “The development of modern and successful advertising materials has become more challenging nowadays. We offer our customers the opportunity to create advertising materials for the products purchased from us. These materials are always up-to-date and can be tailored to your needs,” explains CEO Mathias Schmitt. “This recognition from Coin World magazine is a great honor for AllCollect and affirms the company’s efforts to offer high-quality and innovative coin products to its customers worldwide. The company will continue to provide top-quality service and excellence in the future.”

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