Mandala Collection – Dragon

  • 1 Kilo pure 999 Silver Coin!
  • Graced with a genuine Swarovski® crystal!
  • Antique finish with selective colour application!

In celebration of the auspicious Year of the Dragon in 2024, the Mandala Collection unveils a captivating new edition featuring the iconic Chinese dragon, resplendent in its vibrant glory. The meticulously crafted 1-kilo silver coin, true to its name, takes the form of a mandala, offering a harmonious blend of intricate details.

The coin’s allure is heightened by the striking contrast between the vivid color application and the antique finish, creating an enchanting visual spectacle. Adding a touch of brilliance, a Swarovski crystal graces the dragon’s forehead, serving as a radiant focal point that enhances the overall magnificence of the coin.

This limited-edition masterpiece not only commemorates the cultural significance of the Year of the Dragon but also stands as a testament to the artistic precision and craftsmanship embodied in numismatics. Collectors and enthusiasts alike will be captivated by the Mandala Collection’s latest creation, where tradition, symbolism, and meticulous design converge in a coin that is truly a work of art.