African Pride (2016)

  • 10 different countries
  • 10 national parks
  • 10 different animals

Introducing the extraordinary African Heritage Collection, a masterpiece comprising 10 exquisite pure gold coins, each proudly representing the unique essence of 10 diverse African nations. This exclusive set pays homage to the continent’s unparalleled biodiversity, with each coin dedicated to a prestigious national park within the issuing country, featuring a captivating depiction of an iconic animal indigenous to that specific reserve.

Crafted with unparalleled precision, the coins showcase intricate detailing that brings the vivid wildlife of each national park to life. These masterpieces are minted to the highest quality standards, ensuring that every nuance of the showcased animals and their natural habitats is impeccably captured. To signify their exceptional status as a special edition within this distinguished collection, each coin bears the distinctive “AP” mark, symbolizing the authenticity and exclusivity of the set.

The African Heritage Collection is more than a mere compilation of coins; it is a visual odyssey through the diverse landscapes and remarkable ecosystems of the continent. Housed in a sleek, modern wooden box, the presentation is nothing short of perfection. Complementing the coins is a meticulously crafted booklet, offering a deeper exploration into the significance of each national park and the fascinating wildlife it shelters.

Indulge in the allure of Africa’s natural wonders with the African Heritage Collection – a testament to the continent’s rich ecological heritage, meticulously preserved in pure gold for the discerning collector.