Frequently Asked Questions

What and to whom does AllCollect sell?

First, it is important to mention that Allcollect is an international wholesale coin-trading agency and only sells to businesses / official coin distributors, not to private individuals.

Our core competence is the distribution of exclusive, innovative high quality products. We are able to get allocations of high demanded coin programs with low mintages and help to develop customized products with individual packaging together with our customers. It is important to us to transfer your wishes into a coin and guarantee an exclusive distribution right for different countries. Additionally we will support you with the development and implementation of promotional materials.

Why should I register with

In order to utilize the full scope of our services, such as the current stock list with pricing, download access, and the benefit of receiving our newsletters with product updates, you will need to create an account with

How do I order through Allcollect?

Please contact a member of our sales team directly to guarantee a quick turnaround.
You can find their contact information here: Team Allcollect 

In order to facilitate a smooth order process please include the item number, item description, quantity, and your business information. We will ensure to get back to you as quickly as possible.

How does delivery/shipping work?

The shipment will be scheduled for your desired date, provided that the product will be available at that time. Customers will be informed about the lead times in advance.

Within Germany DHL delivers the item and the shipping costs amount to the following:
Merchandise value < 500 € = 4.80 €/package, Merchandise value >500 € = 8.80 €/package.

International customers will be supplied through FED EX. The total cost of shipping varies depending on the volume of packages. Another option is that you personally arrange the merchandise pick up and we supply you with the consignment details.

Customers from Russia will need to utilize a delivery company or organize the merchandise pick-up directly in Germany.

For customers outside of the EU we generate the commercial invoice and customs declaration outward.

What are the terms of payment?

New customers will get a proforma-invoice in order to arrange a pre-payment. An individual payment agreement can be met for further orders.

All payment details, including term of credit, can be found directly on the invoice (footer). The payment receipt must include the customer reference number and invoice number.

Tentative banking fees resulting from foreign bank transfers are the customer’s responsibility.