Priorium – 2024

Fifth and last edition with representation of Marie! Combination of gold, iridium, palladium, rhodium and platinum! Priorium, the most precious gold in the world! n 2020, the renowned Swiss gold mint PAMP achieved theunbelievable: the development of Priorium, the most preciousgold of all time! The...

Meteorite Coin – Nantan

1 oz pure meteorite! Unique pattern on each coin! Special mintage of 736 pieces! The latest issue of the “Meteorite Coin” series is made froma fragment of a meteorite whose fall was observed in 1516near the city of Nantan, in Guangxi, China. Named after thecity, the Nantan meteorite is believed to...

Relief Magnifique – Panda

2 kilograms 999 pure silver! Outstanding high relief! Motif and relief on both sides! The panda is a symbol of species protection. The clumsy, playful behavior of panda cubs makes them crowd favorites in theworld‘s major zoos. The panda was placed under protectionas early as 1939. In close...

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Year of the Dragon – 2024

Shape coin with ultra high relief! First 3 oz plateau form coin! 3 oz fine 999 silver coin! The year 2024, according to the Chinese zodiac, is symbolized by the dragon, a creature synonymous with strength, good fortune...

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