Édition Cuivre – Bald Eagle

  • First issue of a new series!
  • 1 kilo soild 999 copper!
  • Most affordable kilo coin by P. De Greef!

Atelier P. De Greef proudly announces the expansion of its esteemed portfolio with the introduction of an innovative series in solid copper – the new Édition Cuivre. This 1-kilo coin collection adds a touch of distinction to numismatic offerings, showcasing the versatility and growing appeal of solid copper as both a precious metal and a sought-after coinage material.

Solid copper, characterized by its inherent value and increasing popularity, takes center stage in this groundbreaking Édition Cuivre series. Beyond its monetary worth, copper’s rise in demand as a coinage metal is a testament to its adaptability and enduring allure. As a nod to the timeless aesthetic of numismatics, each coin is adorned with a superb antique finish, further enhancing the visual appeal of the collection.

Renowned coin artist Beni Debacker lends his exceptional talent to craft a spectacular eagle design, making each coin a true work of art. The eagle, a symbol of strength and majesty, comes to life with unparalleled detail and precision. This collaboration between material, craftsmanship, and design results in a coin that not only embodies intrinsic value but also stands as a testament to the dedication to excellence upheld by Atelier P. De Greef.

The Édition Cuivre series represents a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation, where the enduring beauty of copper converges with the artistry of Beni Debacker. As this innovative series unfolds, it promises to be a standout addition to the numismatic world, capturing the essence of both the metal’s timeless appeal and the artistic vision behind each meticulously crafted coin.