Big Five Africa – Elephant – 1 oz

  • Second issue of the 1 Oz Silber Premium Coins
  • 9999 Ag
  • 5th Anniversary Icon (2017-2022)

In celebration of the 5th anniversary of the first issue of the elephant motif in the acclaimed Big Five Africa series, the Belgian master mint P. De Greef proudly presents the second issue of the 1 oz. silver premium coins in an exquisite antique design. This coin not only highlights the enduring popularity of the elephant theme but also commemorates a significant milestone in the history of this remarkable numismatic series.

Crafted with precision and artistry, the antique design lends a timeless charm to the 1 oz. silver premium coin, capturing the essence of the majestic elephant in a unique and captivating manner. The Belgian master mint P. De Greef, known for its commitment to excellence, continues to showcase its prowess in minting with this exceptional release.

Limited to a mintage of only 750 pieces worldwide, this coin stands as a testament to the exclusivity and desirability that collectors have come to associate with the Big Five Africa series. The intricate details of the antique design, coupled with the symbolism of the elephant as a revered member of the Big Five, make this coin a cherished addition to any numismatic collection.

As enthusiasts and collectors eagerly seek to commemorate the rich history of the Big Five Africa series, the second issue of the 1 oz. silver premium coin in antique design offers a rare opportunity to partake in this celebration. With its limited mintage, this coin not only honors the legacy of the elephant motif but also becomes a treasured piece of numismatic artistry from the renowned Belgian master mint P. De Greef.