Édition Cuivre – Panda

  • Second issue of Édition Cuivre series!
  • 1 kilo soild 999 copper!
  • Handcrafted at Ateliers P. de Greef!

In the wake of the resounding success of the inaugural release in the “Édition Cuivre” series by the esteemed Belgian premium mint P. de Greef, featuring the majestic Bald Eagle, the second installment takes center stage with a captivating portrayal of the Giant Panda on a remarkable 1 kilo solid 999 copper canvas. Renowned coin creator Beni Debacker once again lends his artistic prowess to craft another masterpiece, elevating the series with a stunning high-relief design.

Notably, this kilo coin stands out as the most affordable in its class, offering collectors a unique opportunity to own a substantial piece of artistry at an accessible price point. Debacker’s signature touch is evident in the intricate details that breathe life into the Giant Panda, capturing the essence of this beloved and endangered species.

The use of solid 999 copper, coupled with an antique finish, adds a distinctive allure to this coin, further enhancing its aesthetic appeal. The melding of craftsmanship, affordability, and artistic brilliance makes this Édition Cuivre release truly exceptional, appealing to both seasoned collectors and those embarking on their numismatic journey.

As the second chapter unfolds, the Édition Cuivre series continues to redefine expectations, showcasing the beauty of copper and the artistry of Beni Debacker in a collectible form that transcends its intrinsic value.