Golden Enigma Premium Edition- Myths & Legends 2022

  • Original silver ounces from the Royal Mint!
  • Fully plated with rare black ruthenium!
  • Motifs with sparkling gold for the first time!

The “Myths & Legends” silver coin series from the British Royal Mint is
extremely popular. Robin Hood and his companions also have an irresistible
appeal as coin motifs. The rarest and most sought-after are the three issues
in the exclusive Golden Enigma Premium Edition.

All coins were first fully plated with rare black ruthenium. The motifs were
then precious gold-plated: Robin Hood with 24 carat gold, Maid Marian with
rose gold and Little John with white gold. The highlight is the additional
application of glittering sparkling gold on each coin, always in 24 carat gold,
rose gold and white gold to match the motif. For the first time in the Golden
Enigma Edition, it highlights selected motif details from the famous
Sherwood Forest with a multi-faceted sparkle.

The Golden Enigma Premium Edition “Myths & Legends” is limited to just
999 pieces worldwide. And with the exclusive refinement, all coins are only
available in this collection.