Golden Sea Animals Collection

  • 3 x 1 oz of pure 999 silver!
  • Filigree 3D sculptures – refined with 24 carat gold!
  • Only 999 collections worldwide!

Discover the wonderful world of sea animals! You can now
experience this scenery in your home – with the magnificent
first issue “Golden Sea Animals Collection”! Each of the three
coins made from 1 oz of pure silver presents an underwater
creature – elaborately refined with 24 carat gold. The starfish,
jellyfish and octopus rise from the coin bed as spectacular
3D sculptures. The filigree figures were placed on the “Proof”
coin in fine craftsmanship – a perfect reflection of their natural
habitat. Despite their unusual shape, the coins are official currency in the issuing country.
The three collector‘s items are only available as part of this
collection. They can be perfectly showcased with the supplied
floating case. There are only 999 sets of them worldwide.