My Goldheart Family – Tiger Sona

  • Coin made of pure 9999 gold
  • Only 5,000 copies worldwide – individually numbered!
  • In sealed collector’s box with certificate of authenticity!

Wherever they are, the people with a “heart of gold”: they show kindness, compassion, help unconditionally and give love. They remind us that in a world full of challenges, there is still room for love and compassion and that we should cultivate these qualities in ourselves and pass them on to others.

The brave little plush tiger with the gold heart was made in Germany. Its name “Sona”, which means “gold”, is fitting. In a heart-shaped capsule, he carries a coin made of pure 9999 gold, which for the first time in the series features the portrait of the new British King Charles III. A magical, valuable gift or part of your collection: