Big Five Africa – Water Buffalo (1 kg)

  • Traditional Minting by Mauquoy / Belgium
  • Fantastic High Relief
  • Individual Design created by an Artist

The inclusion of the Water Buffalo in our highly successful Big Five Africa 1kg Edition serves as a fitting conclusion to an extraordinary coin series. Notably, this coin also marks the final issue being coined by the Mauquoy Mint, adding a layer of historical significance to this already remarkable collection.

The conclusive depiction of a water buffalo on this coin is not merely an artistic choice but a dignified motif that symbolizes the culmination of one of the most successful coin series in our company’s history. The water buffalo, with its majestic presence and significance in various cultures, provides a poignant finale to the Big Five Africa series.

As collectors and enthusiasts appreciate the craftsmanship behind this coin, they are invited to reflect on the journey of the Big Five Africa series and the role each creature played in its narrative. The Water Buffalo, with its representation of strength and resilience, stands as a powerful symbol to conclude this iconic series, leaving a lasting impression on those who have followed its progression.

While bidding farewell to the Mauquoy Mint, we acknowledge the invaluable contribution it has made to the numismatic world, leaving behind a legacy of exceptional craftsmanship and artistic brilliance. The conclusion of the Big Five Africa series not only marks the end of a chapter but also opens the door to new possibilities in the ever-evolving landscape of coinage and collectibles.

As this final edition becomes part of collectors’ portfolios, it carries not only the weight of silver but also the narrative of a series that has left an indelible mark in the annals of our company’s history. The Water Buffalo, in its dignified portrayal, stands as a testament to the success, artistry, and legacy of the Big Five Africa 1kg Edition.