Golden Insects Collection (2021)

  • First 3D-insect inlays with real gold plating
  • Unique packaging
  • 3 x 1 oz. 999 silver in proof quality

In recognition of the pressing issue of species extinction, particularly affecting even the smallest but most vital inhabitants of our planet, the Beneficial Insect Tribute Set emerges as a beautiful homage to three essential members of the insect world: the honey bee, the butterfly, and the ladybug. Despite the common aversion some people may have towards insects, this remarkable three-piece set aims to shed light on the myriad advantages these creatures bring to our ecosystems.

The honey bee, a tireless pollinator, plays a pivotal role in sustaining the abundance of flora, including many of the crops that form the foundation of our food supply. The delicate and captivating butterfly serves not only as a symbol of nature’s beauty but also as an indispensable agent of pollination, contributing to the diversity of our ecosystems. The ladybug, with its charming appearance, acts as a natural pest control ally, safeguarding our gardens and crops.

Presented in a unique and arrangeable display, this three-piece set not only showcases the intrinsic beauty of these beneficial insects but also provides collectors with the opportunity to curate and appreciate their arrangement in a way that reflects the interconnected harmony of the natural world.

While many may harbor an aversion to insects, the Beneficial Insect Tribute Set serves as a poignant reminder of the indispensable roles these tiny beings play in maintaining the delicate balance of our ecosystems. It encourages a reevaluation of our perception of insects, urging us to recognize and appreciate their significant contributions, even in the face of the challenges posed by species extinction.