Precious Germany- Grube Clara

  • found, mined, forged and minted in Germany
  • First set consisting of 1 g Au, 10 g AG and 100 g CU bars each
  • Red wolf, the heraldic animal of Schürfort Wolfach depicted on the shield.
  • Clara mine started operations in 1898 → 125th anniversary in 2023

Introducing “Precious Germany – Grube Clara”

Dive into the unparalleled beauty of the Black Forest with our exclusive set of 3 bars!Crafted to commemorate the 125th anniversary of the Clara mine, these bars are a testament to rarity and excellence.

Each set features 100g of copper, 10g of silver, and 1g of gold, making them the first and only bars with precious metals from the Black Forest! But their uniqueness doesn’t end there – sourced from the last active mine in the region, these metals are a stunning testament to nature’s hidden treasures.

The production journey was no small feat, requiring the extraction of 5 tons of mining material just to obtain the pure silver and copper. And the gold?
Even rarer, sourced from historical stocks as the Clara mine’s deposits have long been exhausted. With only 2,871 sets available worldwide, each one is a precious collector’s item.