Selectium – Helvetia

  • „Selectium“ the most exquisite gold!
  • Seven precious metals united for the first time: AU,PD,PT,RH,RU,IR,AG
  • First Supergold with the national allegory of the Swiss Confederation: Helvetia!

The Selectium gold alloy represents a new milestone in the
Supergold concept. The Selectium gold alloy contains seven
different precious metals for the first time. In addition to gold,
these are iridium, palladium, platinum, rhodium, ruthenium
and silver. Combining the seven metals was a real challenge.
The coin features a modern interpretation of Helvetia. Helvetia
has already been the subject of numerous Swiss coins. Here
she is traditionally shown in defensive attire with sword and
shield, but also with a dove of peace as the guardian of peace.