40th Anniversary of the Maple Leaf

  • 40th anniversary of the gold Maple Leaf
  • 4 x 0,5g 9999 gold
  • Limited to only 1,979 pieces worldwide

Dive into the rich history of the iconic Maple Leaf coins with the SMART Collection of 2019, a tribute that commemorates the 40th anniversary of this beloved series. Melding the concept of Small Rare Treasures (SMART), this collection is not only a celebration of the Maple Leaf’s enduring legacy but also a testament to its numismatic significance.

In alignment with the inaugural year of the Maple Leaf in 1979, this set stands as a limited edition, with only 1,979 pieces available worldwide. This intentional limitation adds a layer of exclusivity, making each collection a rare treasure sought after by discerning collectors.

The four exquisite Maple Leaf designs, each meticulously crafted on a pure gold coin, capture the essence of this iconic series. As you explore this collection, you’ll witness the evolution of Maple Leaf coinage through the decades, appreciating the intricate details and timeless elegance that have defined these coins.

More than just precious metal, these coins are miniature masterpieces, each contributing to the narrative of the Maple Leaf’s journey in the numismatic world. This SMART Collection invites collectors to own a piece of numismatic history—a unique and spectacular collector’s piece that encapsulates four decades of Maple Leaf excellence. Acquire this limited edition and become part of a select group of collectors who appreciate the art, craftsmanship, and enduring legacy of the iconic Maple Leaf series.

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