Half Gram Gold Coins – 2023

  • First time with the Red Panda motif!
  • White ruthenium and rose gold applications!
  • Red Panda coin featuring a real diamond!

Step into the opulence of this year’s Half Gram Gold Coin series, a collection that transcends the ordinary with its seven meticulously crafted half-gram coins, each composed of the finest 99999 gold. Elevating the series to new heights, each coin is adorned with a white ruthenium ennoblement, adding a touch of sophistication and contrast to the exquisite designs.

A notable addition to this year’s collection is the introduction of the Red Panda coin, marking its inaugural appearance in the set. Distinguished by a rose gold application and a real diamond, the Red Panda coin stands as a radiant centerpiece, embodying both elegance and rarity. The rose gold accentuates the intricate details of the Red Panda’s depiction, while the inclusion of a real diamond adds a brilliant sparkle, making this coin a true jewel in the collection.

As you explore this extraordinary set, you’ll find that each coin is a testament to precision and artistry, capturing the essence of the featured subjects with unparalleled detail. The use of white ruthenium enhances the overall aesthetic, creating a striking contrast that adds to the visual allure of each coin.

This year’s Half Gram Gold Coin series is not just a collection; it’s a celebration of the exceptional craftsmanship that brings together the world’s rarest gold, innovative ennoblement techniques, and the beauty of nature’s most captivating subjects. Acquire a piece of this limited-edition series and immerse yourself in the luxury and brilliance of this remarkable numismatic creation.