Tribute Edition – British Coin History

  • 6 x 0.5 g 9999 finest gold!
  • Anniversary privy mark on the Britannia issue!
  • All coins are available in this set only!

The Tribute Edition for this year marks a poignant celebration, commemorating the 35th anniversary of the inaugural Britannia issue. In honor of this milestone, the edition features motifs inspired by six of the most exquisite and historically significant British coins, renowned for their beauty and rarity.

Consistent with tradition, the Tribute Edition is meticulously minted in 9999 fine gold, symbolizing the commitment to unparalleled quality and precision. This exclusive edition not only pays homage to the iconic Britannia series but also serves as a testament to the enduring legacy and numismatic artistry that defines British coinage.

As collectors and enthusiasts partake in the Tribute Edition, they are invited to embark on a journey through the rich history of British coins, each motif capturing the essence of a bygone era. This release stands as a remarkable fusion of history, art, and precious metal craftsmanship, inviting individuals to hold a piece of British numismatic heritage in the finest gold form.