HGGC-Gold Palladium Edition

  • 7 x 99999 pure gold coins featuring a white diamond on the Libertad coin!
  • 6 x with palladium application + 1x with palladium and black rhodium application!
  • 3 x with anniversary icon + Libertad with double icon!

Enter a realm of numismatic exclusivity with this year’s Half Gram Gold Coin set, boasting an array of unprecedented features and first-ever releases. Among the remarkable inclusions are four coins adorned with distinctive anniversary icons, each commemorating significant milestones. Particularly noteworthy is the Libertad coin, which not only bears a double icon but also gleams with the brilliance of a white diamond. This extraordinary Libertad celebrates 100 years of the Libertad motif and an impressive 40-year legacy as a bullion coin.

The Libertad coin further distinguishes itself with a striking palladium and black rhodium application, enhancing its visual allure and emphasizing the dual anniversaries it represents. The choice to use palladium and rhodium as ennobling elements adds depth and sophistication to the coin, elevating it to a level of exquisite craftsmanship that befits its historic significance.

In harmony with the Libertad, the remaining coins in the set showcase pure 99999 gold, enriched with the distinguished touch of palladium. This unique combination not only preserves the exceptional purity of the gold but also introduces an added layer of elegance to each coin.

As a collector, this set offers a rare opportunity to own a piece of numismatic history, where each coin tells a story of anniversaries, milestones, and the unparalleled craftsmanship that defines the world of fine gold coins. Secure your place in this limited edition, where tradition meets innovation, and celebrate the rich legacy of the Libertad motif and bullion coinage.