Predators – Grizzly

  • First issue of a new series: Predators
  • First time de Greef High Relief in 3 oz.
  • First time with high relief on both sides

The inaugural release of our new Predator series promises to be a standout highlight of the year. Breaking new ground, this 3 oz. coin introduces a captivating high-relief design in antique finish on both sides. On the obverse, the coin showcases the featured animal in a threatening posture, while the reverse depicts the creature on the hunt. Renowned artist Beni Debacker, the creative force behind our successful Big Five series, is the mastermind behind the design.

This coin is not only a testament to the formidable nature of Grizzlies, displayed in their threatening posture, but also offers a glimpse into the fascinating dynamics of their hunting behavior. The high-relief design, coupled with the antique finish, adds a dimension of depth and character, creating an immersive numismatic experience.

As a fun fact, despite being mighty predators at the top of the food chain, Grizzlies are omnivores. Contrary to popular belief, a significant portion of their diet consists of nuts, fruit, leaves, and roots. This interesting insight into the dietary habits of Grizzlies adds a layer of intrigue to the coin’s narrative, making it not just a collector’s item but an educational piece that celebrates the diversity and complexity of the animal kingdom.