Inca Sun God

  • 500 grams of fine silver as plate minting with ultra high relief!
  • Completely plated with pure gold!
  • Small edition: only 350 pieces worldwide!

The golden sun disk, adorned with the image of the revered Inca sun god, stands as one of the most significant sanctuaries within the rich tapestry of Incan culture. Despite the passing of centuries, this once-mighty civilization has vanished from the stage of history, leaving behind only a scattering of structures and artifacts, much like the enigmatic original sun disk.

In the annals of Incan numismatics, a fascinating chapter unfolds, where coins were crafted through a unique process. Using a method involving a resounding hammer blow on meticulously crafted handmade dies, the Inca people fashioned coins. Due to the intriguing dynamics of the crafting process, where the blanks exceeded the size of the dies, these coins bore a distinctive plate shape, adding to their historical allure.

Fast forward to the present day, and one can marvel at a modern homage to this ancient coinage tradition. Weighing an impressive 500 grams of pure silver and boasting an 80mm diameter, the contemporary rendition showcases a meticulous attention to detail with a stunning high relief. The intricate minting process, executed in multiple layers, imparts a sense of depth and complexity to the coin’s design.

To further elevate its aesthetic, a noble silk finish has been applied, casting an antique patina upon the coin, reminiscent of the bygone era when Inca artisans practiced their extraordinary craftsmanship. This coin serves as both a tangible link to the past and a testament to the enduring legacy of the Incan civilization.