Big Five Africa – Leopard (1 kg)

  • Traditional Minting by Mauquoy / Belgium
  • Fantastic High Relief
  • Individual Design created by an Artist

Following the tremendous success of the 5 oz Big Five Leopard coin in 2018, we are delighted to unveil the much-anticipated release of an extraordinary high-relief coin, this time in an even more impressive 1-kilo version! This magnificent coin is poised to leave a lasting impression on collectors, captivating them with its breathtaking high relief and a sensational 3D effect that brings the leopard to life in remarkable detail.

The leopard, known for its prowess as an excellent hunter and its remarkable speed of 58 kilometers per hour, is a symbol of agility and adaptability. Its habitat spans diverse landscapes, ranging from the lush rainforest to the expansive steppe. This 1-kilo high-relief coin pays homage to the leopard’s majestic presence, capturing the essence of this magnificent creature in a form that transcends traditional numismatic boundaries.

Since 1875, the Atelier Mauquoy has been synonymous with the production of impressive masterpieces, and the official seal “Handmade in Belgium” stands as a testament to the unwavering commitment to quality that defines Mauquoy’s legacy. This coin, bearing the hallmark of the atelier, continues the tradition of excellence, showcasing the meticulous craftsmanship and artistic brilliance that collectors have come to expect from Mauquoy creations.

As enthusiasts explore the second installment of the “Big Five” series in this 1-kilo version, they are invited to witness not just a coin but a work of art that captures the dynamic nature of the leopard. The high relief and 3D effect add depth and dimension, making this coin a visually stunning and immersive experience for collectors.

In acquiring this coin, collectors not only secure a piece of the “Big Five” series but also become custodians of a timeless masterpiece that embodies the rich history and commitment to excellence of the Mauquoy atelier. This release invites collectors to appreciate the artistry of numismatics while celebrating the untamed beauty of the leopard, showcasing the seamless blend of precision and creativity that defines this exceptional 1-kilo high-relief coin.