Big Five Africa – Lion – 2 kg

  • 2 kg, 120 mm silver giant!
  • Handcrafted piece of art!
  • Extremely low mintage!

Beni Debacker’s design of the lion stands as the unequivocal highlight and most sought-after motif within the prestigious Big Five Africa series, irrespective of weight or metal. This year, the series reaches another pinnacle with the introduction of a majestic 2 kg silver giant featuring the iconic lion. The high-relief execution on this substantial coin is nothing short of impressive, showcasing the intricate details of Debacker’s masterful design like never before.

The sheer size of the coin enhances the impact of the high-relief, allowing collectors to marvel at the lifelike representation of the lion’s regal stature and captivating presence. The 2 kg silver giant is a testament to the artistry that Debacker brings to each piece in the Big Five Africa series, creating a coin that transcends traditional boundaries.

To ensure the exclusivity of this extraordinary release, the maximum mintage is strictly limited to a mere 50 pieces. However, we are delighted to announce that we have secured a small allocation of these rare coins. This limited availability further adds to the desirability of the 2 kg silver giant, making it a coveted treasure for collectors fortunate enough to acquire one.

As the Big Five Africa series continues to captivate collectors worldwide, this latest addition reaffirms its status as a pinnacle in numismatic artistry, with Beni Debacker’s lion design reigning supreme.