Predators – Lion

  • 3 Oz. 999 fine silver with antique finish!
  • High relief on both sides!
  • Succsessor to the popular “Predators” series!

The latest installment in the esteemed 3 oz silver coin series, “Predators,” features the regal king of beasts, the lion! Distinguishing itself from other big cats, lions are known for their unique hunting strategy as they often operate in prides. This new coin, boasting a double-sided motif in high relief, captures the essence of the lion’s majestic presence and its cooperative hunting dynamics.

On the obverse side, the coin showcases a male lion in all his glory, radiating strength and nobility. The intricate details of the high relief design bring the majestic features of the male lion to life, offering collectors a captivating portrayal of this iconic predator. The reverse side, in contrast, depicts a pride of lionesses engaged in a hunt, showcasing the collaborative nature of these magnificent creatures.

The use of high relief not only adds depth and dimension to the coin but also accentuates the power and grace of the lion and lionesses. This coin is more than a numismatic piece; it is a celebration of the intricate dynamics within the world of predators, providing collectors with a tangible representation of the natural beauty and strength of these remarkable animals.

As a welcomed addition to the “Predators” series, this coin continues to captivate enthusiasts with its stunning portrayal of the lion, reinforcing the series’ reputation for delivering exceptional craftsmanship and artistry in the world of precious metal coins.