Heraldic Beasts – Lion – 5 oz

  • 5 Oz fine 999 silver!
  • Design by Queen medalist Jody Clark!
  • Ultra high relief with Antique Finish!

“The Lion of England,” an iconic heraldic symbol that has represented the might of English kings for centuries, now takes center stage in a breathtaking coin designed by the talented artist Jody Clark. Widely acclaimed for his dignified portrait of Queen Elizabeth II in her later years, a design that has graced all British coins since 2015, Clark has earned global recognition in the numismatic community.

In his latest masterpiece, “Heraldic Beasts – Lion of England,” Clark captures the majestic essence of the lion with unparalleled artistry. The coin, struck from five ounces of pure silver, features the big cat in an awe-inspiring ultra-high relief. The remarkable depth effect is further heightened by a lavish antique finish and the absence of a traditional rim, allowing the intricacies of the design to take center stage.

Clark’s rendering of the lion is so masterfully executed that one can almost hear the powerful roar emanating from the coin. The fierce and regal portrayal pays homage to the historical significance of the lion as a symbol of power and authority. As a testament to Clark’s exceptional talent and innovation, “The Lion of England” coin stands not only as a collector’s item but as a work of art that transcends the boundaries of traditional minting.

This coin, with its meticulous design and craftsmanship, invites enthusiasts to connect with the rich heraldic heritage and royal symbolism embodied by the lion. Jody Clark’s artistic prowess once again elevates numismatics to new heights, providing collectors with a tangible and majestic representation of history and power.