Patterns of Nature – Majestic March

  • Double convex minting!
  • Modern artist design by Orietta Rossi!
  • Ennobled with yellow and red gold!
  • Antique finish and Prooflike on one side!

The exceptional 1 kg 999 fine silver masterpiece by coin designer Orietta Rossi stands as a true one-of-a-kind creation. Rossi’s ingenuity shines through as this extraordinary coin seamlessly blends antique finish and prooflike finish on its obverse, a feat that is not easily achieved. The meticulous application of yellow and red gold, done by hand, adds an additional layer of craftsmanship to this already remarkable piece.

The elaborate manufacturing process involved in creating this coin sets it apart, contributing to a limited total mintage of just 99 pieces worldwide. Each coin is minted double convex, giving it a distinctive profile with more bulge and less rim, a feature that adds to its uniqueness. This craftsmanship elevates the coin to the status of a true work of art.

Orietta Rossi’s design, combined with the manual application of precious metals and the careful minting process, results in a coin that transcends traditional boundaries. It becomes not just a collector’s item but a testament to the artistry and skill inherent in the world of numismatics. This 1 kg silver giant stands as a shining example of the possibilities when creativity and craftsmanship converge, making it a coveted addition to any discerning collector’s portfolio.