Shades of Gold – Leopard

  • Pure 99999 gold, solid white and red gold!
  • “Prooflike” quality!
  • only 1,800 sets worldwide!

“Shades of Gold – Leopard” presents the predator in three different gold variants – and not as a refinement, but made of solid gold! One coin was minted from pure 99999 gold, one from 917 red gold and one from 917 white gold. The purity of the red gold and white gold coins corresponds to the classic investment purity, as found in the American Eagle or the Krugerrand, for example. Thanks to the high “Prooflike” minting quality, the wonderful leopard motifs are shown to their best advantage. Each coin features a different design.

Unfortunately, the mintage of the set is strictly limited to just 1,800 pieces worldwide – far too small a quantity considering the popularity of the leopard motif and the extremely high current demand for gold.