Giants of Art – Starry Night

  • New edition of the popular series Giant of Art!
  • Gold plated and finished with black rhodium and diamond particles!
  • In tribute to the 170th anniversary of the birth of Vincent van Gogh!

The Starry Night stands as one of Van Gogh’s most iconic masterpieces. However, a lesser-known fact about this renowned painting is that it captures the mesmerizing view from the artist’s bedroom window, facing eastward. What adds an intriguing twist to the narrative is that Van Gogh painted this celestial masterpiece during the daylight hours.

In celebration of Van Gogh’s 170th birthday anniversary, we proudly pay homage to this visionary artist through the creation of a remarkable 1-kilogram 999 silver giant of art. This extraordinary piece is adorned with four distinct applications that enhance its visual allure: Chromonite Colour, Authentic Colour, 999 fine gold, and black rhodium.

The Chromonite Colour application adds a vibrant and dynamic spectrum of hues, bringing the night sky and its celestial bodies to life in a stunning display of color. The Authentic Colour application meticulously replicates Van Gogh’s original palette, ensuring that the essence of the artist’s vision is faithfully preserved.

The incorporation of 999 fine gold provides a touch of opulence and a warm, luminous glow to key elements of the artwork, accentuating the rich textures and intricate details. Meanwhile, the use of black rhodium introduces a captivating contrast, enhancing the depth and drama of the composition.

This 1-kilo silver giant serves not only as a commemorative tribute to Van Gogh but also as a testament to the enduring beauty and significance of The Starry Night. It stands as a tangible homage to the brilliance of an artist who dared to paint the celestial wonders of the night in broad daylight, leaving an indelible mark on the canvas of art history.