Golden Flower Collection – Strelitzia

  • Filigree gilded 3D flower!
  • 1 Oz 999 fine silver in proof quality!
  • Perfect gift for someone special!

The tropical Strelitzia, commonly known as the “Bird of Paradise,” originates from South Africa, yet today it has become a beloved houseplant. Its magnificent blooms grace us just once a year, adorning our living spaces for a brief but spectacular period of 4-6 weeks. Symbolically, this captivating plant embodies extravagance and exoticism, making it a perfect gift for someone you consider truly unique and extraordinary.

The 1-ounce silver coin from the Golden Flower Collection showcases the enchanting Strelitzia in a stunning 3D Golden Flower Technique. This technique ingeniously captures the essence of the special flower, bringing it to life with remarkable detail. The coin pays homage to the distinctive nature of the Strelitzia, offering a visual experience that is not only breathtaking but also a tribute to the extravagance it symbolizes.

With its roots in South Africa, the Strelitzia has captured the hearts of plant enthusiasts worldwide, adding a touch of tropical allure to homes across the globe. This exceptional coin serves as both a celebration of the Strelitzia’s unique beauty and a testament to the universal appreciation for the extraordinary in nature.