Big Five Asia – Tiger – 1 oz

  • First issue of Big Five Asia in .9999 finest gold!
  • Stunning high relief of 4.62 mm!
  • Limited to only 199 pieces worldwide!

The debut motif of the Big Five Asia 5 oz. silver series, featuring the Tiger, garnered instant acclaim and success. Recognizing the overwhelming popularity of this captivating design, the decision to extend the motif to a 1 oz. variant in .9999 finest gold was a natural and well-received choice.

The result of this decision is nothing short of stunning. The transition to gold not only adds a layer of prestige but also enhances the intricate details of the Tiger motif. The radiant luster of the .9999 finest gold elevates the visual impact, providing collectors and enthusiasts with a truly exceptional and luxurious addition to their numismatic collections.

As the series unfolds, the expansion into gold further emphasizes the enduring appeal and demand for these meticulously crafted and visually striking coins. The Tiger motif, now in both silver and gold, stands as a testament to the series’ success and the enduring allure of the majestic creatures it celebrates.