Half Gram Gold Coins – 2022

  • Pure 99999 gold and finest 999 white rodium!
  • Panda coin additionally ennobled with black palladium and diamond!
  • Anniversary privy on each coin!

Embark on a journey through the world of investment with the latest edition of the Half Gram Gold Coin series, presenting seven iconic investment motifs on finely crafted 0.5g pure 99999 gold coins. Each coin is adorned with the utmost elegance through the application of the finest 999 white rhodium, enhancing the visual appeal and sophistication of this exclusive collection.

A standout in this edition is the Panda coin, further elevated by the ennobling touch of black palladium. This striking addition adds depth and contrast to the Panda’s depiction, creating a coin that is both visually captivating and symbolically rich. To crown this masterpiece, the Panda coin boasts a rare red diamond, turning it into a truly extraordinary jewel within the set.

As a tribute to this edition, each coin is accompanied by a special anniversary privy, adding a unique and collectible element to the series. These privies serve as a mark of distinction, denoting the significance of this particular release in the Half Gram Gold Coin series.

The meticulous attention to detail, the use of precious metals, and the inclusion of rare gems make this collection not just a showcase of investment motifs but also a celebration of artistry and craftsmanship. Secure a piece of this exclusive edition to own a miniature gallery of investment symbolism, where each coin tells a unique story of wealth, prosperity, and numismatic excellence.