Predators – Wolf

  • 3 Oz. 999 fine silver with antique finish!
  • High relief on both sides!
  • Succsessor to the popular “Predators” series!

The second release in our burgeoning yet already successful Predator series unveils a formidable scene featuring a snarling wolf on the obverse side. On the reverse side, a dynamic portrayal captures a wolf pack on the hunt for a mouflon. The striking combination of high relief on both sides, coupled with an antique finish, imparts an almost true-to-life impression, elevating the coin’s visual impact and storytelling quality.

The intricacies of the high-relief design not only bring out the ferocity and intensity of the snarling wolf but also vividly depict the collaborative and strategic nature of the wolf pack in pursuit of their prey. The antique finish adds a touch of age and character, contributing to the coin’s overall aesthetic appeal and evoking a sense of timelessness.

As the Predator series continues to gain acclaim, this second issue is anticipated to capture the attention of collectors and enthusiasts alike. The meticulous attention to detail and the immersive storytelling through numismatic art make this coin a standout addition to the series, reinforcing its position as a captivating and sought-after collection for those with an appreciation for the untamed beauty of nature.