World´s Famous Bridge – Brooklyn Bridge

  • Ultra high relief on both sides!
  • Refined with 999 gold and fine enamel!
  • Only 750 pieces worldwide!

One of the most famous bridges in the world, immortalized by one of the most important medallists in Europe: none other than Joaquin Jimenez, chief engraver of the Monnaie de Paris, created the two motifs for this masterpiece of the minting art. He has made a name for himself worldwide with his designs for many French euro coins. His extremely detailed design was perfectly realized by the mint masters of the Atelier P. De Greef as an ultra-high relief on the coin. The mint, which has been the official supplier to the Belgian royal family for many years, realized the motif as an incredibly elaborate contour minting.

The coin giant of 5 ounces of pure silver is completed by a 999 gold application, with which the Brooklyn Bridge was refined. The East River, which the bridge spans, shimmers a deep blue thanks to a metallic color application and transparent enameling. The reverse is equally impressive: the perspective depiction of Lady Liberty in high relief is the crowning glory of the coin’s perfect design. Over 75% of the work steps were carried out by hand. The enormous production effort of this first issue resulted in a small mintage: only 750 pieces were minted for the entire world market!